Movimento Pilates Magdalena Nowak

Zapewniam skuteczne i spersonalizowane do potrzeb treningi, które pomogą cieszyć się zdrowiem pleców i brakiem bólu.

Balanced Body

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The Balanced Body school has been leading the way for many years, conducting Pilates trainings around the world and more. A specialized staff of teachers, well-prepared training materials and international certification are just some of the advantages of education at Balanced Body.

Types of training

How do we teach?

The 3-module training will teach you how to conduct Pilates classes on the mat at the basic, intermediate and advanced level, and how to spice up your lessons by using small accessories, such as a ball or elastic band.


A combination of Mat and Reformer at every level of advancement.

Pilates training on the Reformer bed, divided into 3 modules: basic, intermediate and advanced level, will teach you how to perform and adapt exercises to the needs of clients.

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