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Zapewniam skuteczne i spersonalizowane do potrzeb treningi, które pomogą cieszyć się zdrowiem pleców i brakiem bólu.


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I heard about pilates for the first time from a physiotherapist in Canada, with whom I was looking for a "rescue" for my back after a long flight, I must point out that I am after surgery / implantation of the spine in the cervical section. A Canadian specialist, taking the history of my problem and ways of dealing with it, began to convince me that I should be interested in this particular form of physical activity - Pilates. Inspired by this, after returning to Poland, I started searching for some information about pilates and individual classes, that's how I found Movimento and Mrs. Magda 😊 What doubts did I have?? - well, a whole lot ... will I be able to adjust the hours/dates of individual classes to my schedule, will I be able to find myself and do exercises ... etc. and most importantly, how "ordinary" exercises can help me restore normal comfort of life and get rid of pain which has been with me for several years. Mrs. Magda is a nice and patient person who gradually tried to explain to me what we were doing and why. She conducted the classes with me very professionally, she got acquainted with the medical side of my problem in detail, she had no hesitation in inviting my physiotherapist, doctor of medical sciences, sports doctor - privately my friend, whom I wanted to ask for his opinion and evaluation of these classes. Magda willingly agreed to my (probably quite unusual) request. In my case, the assumed goal was one - an attempt to get rid of the pain that accompanied me on a daily basis! It's been 3 years since the first classes, apart from the fact that I can now "move my ribs" (shock, I never knew it was possible 😊) and "I got to know new areas of my body", their possibilities and imperfections, I estimate that in 70-80 % my quality of life has improved. Back over 50 doesn't have to hurt.
I was looking for individual pilates classes. The main doubts were whether I would be able to persevere and attend classes systematically, whether I could cope with the exercises, were they for me? Mrs. Magda dispelled them with her commitment to work, interest, adjusting the difficulty of exercises to my abilities, showing on the examples of groups in the studio that Pilates is for everyone, all you need is a will. Initially, I thought that pilates classes would allow me to lose weight :):)😊. After 4 years of exercising 🙂 I know that losing weight is not the most important thing, my spine is relieved, my back does not hurt, I can walk with a tense stomach and I try to keep the correct posture, I consciously tighten my muscles by performing individual exercises, I have learnt a lot not only about exercise, but also diet and health. When I started my adventure with you, I had no idea what Pilates classes really were, I couldn't breathe properly, I couldn't focus on performing individual exercises, I wanted to know this something ... (I think they were trendy 🙂 :):)), I'm not saying that the beginning was easy, that I didn't have moments of doubt, that I wasn't annoyed by soreness after each class and I was wondering if it would ever change. Today, thanks to you, I am aware of what I do, how I walk, how I breathe, how I should exercise in a way not to hurt myself. I got to know many instruments of torture, some of my favorites :), I have a personal trainer and sometimes also a psychologist, I learnt a lot of interesting and important health issues, I read a few books that I probably would not have read before, I watched some TV series (I finished Leaving Neverland) and I have a few yet to be seen. My life without Movimento would be boring and uninteresting, I think that typing in gogle, where there were individual pilates classes in Lodz, was one of the best decisions in my life.
I found Magda's classes in Movimento through an advertisement on Facebook regarding Pilates lectures on scoliosis. At the beginning I had doubts whether she would have comprehensive knowledge about the problem of scoliosis. However, a wide range of exercises, each selected individually and very thoughtfully, lots of valuable comments on the correct exercise, focusing on breathing exercises (I didn't even know that I could direct my breath to the left or right lung by myself 😀) all this convinced me that I had found the right place. The right hands. My goal of training meetings with Magda was to strengthen the muscle corset and deep muscles. Relief of pain in the rib area. Conscious posture control and all these things I have already achieved.
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