Movimento Pilates Magdalena Nowak

Zapewniam skuteczne i spersonalizowane do potrzeb treningi, które pomogą cieszyć się zdrowiem pleców i brakiem bólu.



1. How to prepare for training?

The main thing is a good attitude. A change of clothes, a bottle of drink.

2. What to wear?

The best outfit for training is comfortable sportswear. That would give you freedom of movement. It would be good if it was quite tight, thanks to which you can better see the movements and positioning of the body during the exercises. Sports shoes are not required. In winter it is good to have warm socks, while in summer you can easily exercise barefoot.

3. How long does the training last?

The training lasts an hour. You should arrive early enough to get changed and prepare for the exercises.

4. How often should I come?

Training twice a week brings the best results. Once a week is the absolute minimum to achieve the expected results.

5. When are the first effects visible?

It all depends on your body type. However, it usually takes 12 training sessions (3 months of training once a week) to notice or feel the first changes. Of course, this happens with the introduction of changes in movement habits and performing additional exercises at home which takes no more than 10 minutes a day.

6. Will I lose weight?

Pilates exercises are not directly slimming. The heart rate that is achieved during them is not the heart rate that guarantees fat burning. However, working on the transverse abdominal muscle (classified as deep muscles) gives the effect of narrowing the waist.

7. What does the first training look like?

The first training is extremely important, during it I get to know your body and its needs. At the beginning there is a conversation about previous physical activity, lifestyle and the problem that made you visit me. It is worth bringing the results of diagnostic tests (if you have any). Then, we discuss your training goals and the possible time to achieve them. I match the best exercises to the needs of the existing problem and I teach you how to do them properly.

8. Will these exercises help me improve my posture?

Definitely! Pilates training largely works with postural muscles, i.e. those that shape body posture. Properly selected exercises strengthen the weakened muscles and stretch the contracted muscles, therefore the body posture is significantly improved.

9. Will these exercises help my back pain?

Of course. Working with the muscles located deep in the spine and pelvis allows you to lengthen the spine, relieve the intervertebral joints and reduce pain located in the lower back.

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